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You’ve created your vision what?

Vision board

Picture this...


You’ve come home from a wonderful evening spent creating your vision board and you’re feeling excited about turning those images and words into your reality.


But you’re not sure what to do with the board so just for now it goes under your bed until you sort out where to put it.


Days turn into weeks and your lovingly created vision board is gathering dust on the carpet along with unread books and clothes you need to take to the charity shop.


You get your board out one rainy Sunday afternoon and your vision seems so far away.


How can you possibly make those dreams into your reality?


You decide the only way is to win the lottery so the board goes back under the bed and you end up forgetting about it all together.


Sound familiar?


It doesn’t have to be this way.


I’ve been using vision boards to help my dreams come true for over ten years and I’m here to show you how you can too!


Imagine looking back at your vision boards, realising that everything on them is now a reality!


Vision boards are fantastic manifestation tools if you know how to use them properly.



Here are my top tips to turn your vision board into a powerful manifestation tool:



1.  Find a place in your home for your vision board


Not under the bed or tucked behind the chest of drawers!

Finding a place for your vision board

A prominent place where you can see it every day. 


Your bedside table or a shelf at eye level.


Give it its own special place.


After all, what could be more important than your dreams?


2. Use your vision board everyday


Make a few minutes in your day to connect with your vision board.


And by ‘connect’ I don’t mean you have to plug it in!


Spend time looking at it, going over what you want and repeating the words or affirmations that are on it.


If you’re short on time, a great way to do this is to habit stack:


Take one part of your daily routine and stack the habit of connecting with your vision board to it.


The time it takes the kettle to boil for your morning brew has the power to become your vision board manifestation time!

Habit stack kettle boil with vision board manifesting

Even better, make this part of your routine before going to sleep as it has been scientifically proven that what you look at before you go to sleep has an impact on the thoughts and dreams you have while asleep.



3. Use the present tense


Avoid using phrases such as , “I want to be successful” or “I hope to be able to buy my perfect home” when you're looking at your board.


Keep your visualisation in the present tense, as if it’s already happened, with phrases like, “I am successful.”


By imagining yourself being the person in your vision board, for example buying that house or accepting that promotion, you begin to feel all those amazing emotions and you raise your energy.  


Studies have shown that people who imagine flexing a muscle have shown physical improvements. That’s right, just by imagining doing the action!


Imagine what you could start to do with the power of your imagination!

4. Begin to take small actions everyday


Start to break down those big goals into small actions and then make them into even smaller steps!


Ones that feel achievable.


So, if your vision board includes buying a house in the countryside, your first step would be to get clear on what type of house you want and get specific! Write a list of everything you want: location, size, outdoor space etc.


Taking small steps each day will help to get you to your goal.


If you’d like some help with breaking your goal down then get in touch with me to enquire about my one to one sessions that can take you from feeling confused to confident.


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