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7 ways to survive Christmas without losing your marbles

Christmas time...oh how you look forward to it but then it seems to creep up on you so that you end up in a state of overwhelm, panic buying gifts, with any thoughts of doing something for yourself going out of the window as you try to get everything ticked off your to do list before the big day.

Sound familiar?

Well, I'm here to help with 7 practical ways to keep some joy and sparkle over the festive period:

1. Put yourself first

Yes, it is possible to put your own needs first at Christmas time, even when it feels like you're surrounded by so many 'shoulds'. Here's how:

Take an evening before Christmas to reflect on how you'd like to spend the festive season this year. You can even do this with your partner and work it out together. Think about:

  • What do you want to prioritise this Christmas? (Are there any events you would like to go to or avoid?)

  • Who do you enjoy spending time with? What can you do together over the festive season?

Once you've got your answers, stick to your plan, knowing that you are allowed to put yourself first and do what you really want to do.

2. Schedule some time for you

Make time for you this Christmas

Make sure that you plan in some time to nourish yourself. Take a yoga class one day, have a spa afternoon with a friend, go out for tea and cake or have a child-free luxurious bath at home one evening.

It doesn't have to be big or fancy but it does need to happen so that you can keep your energy levels topped up!

3. Disconnect

There's nothing worse than finding yourself swallowed up by the sofa on Christmas Day in an endless scroll hole, looking at everyone else's picture perfect Christmasses. Comparison rears its head and before you know it, you're feeling down in the dumps about your seemingly chaotic life.

So make a promise toyourself to stay off social media for a few days around Christmas.

Delete the apps - They will be there when you come back!

4. Swap one thing

Christmas can be a time to indulge but if you know that eating a full box of Quality Street leaves you feeling sluggish and grumpy, then here's your chance to look after yourself a bit better so that you can retain your Christmas sparkle.

Choose just one thing that doesn't nourish you over Chrostmas and swap it for something more comforting.

Here's some examples:

  • Swap scrolling for hours on the sofa for a walk outside, leaving your phone at home so that you get some fresh air and change of scenery.

winter walk

  • Swap sitting on the sofa all day with chocolates to watching one film and then doing something more active so that you feel more energetic.

  • Swap that fourth coffee of the day for a herbal tea so that you sleep better and feel less on edge.

What one thing can you swap this Christmas?

5. Let it go

The festivities can bring up all kinds of emotions, some harder to deal with than others.

If you feel your stress levels rising, go somewhere quiet and follow my top three tips to help you re-find your calm:

1. Notice how you are feeling and name it (out loud or silently to yourself) eg. I'm feeling mad / angry / upset / disappointed....

2. Allow yourself to simply be with the emotion for a few minutes and notice what arises.

3. Decide to let go of the emotion. Go for a quick walk and visualise the emotion moving from your body out through your feet and deep into the earth. Walk until you feel lighter and brighter.

7. Write it out

Do you feel like your head in spinning with all the things you need to remember for the big day? Gifts to buy? Food to prepare? Parties to go to.... Just the list inside your brain can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

So grab a pen and a big piece of paper and write it all down. You can separate it into different columns, like presents, food, events, other.

It's amazing how lighter you can feel by just getting your thoughts down onto paper.

8. Delegate

If you find yourself doing absolutely everything for everyone, then once you've made your list, see what you can delegate to someone else. Taking a few things off your shoulders can help you to focus more on what you need to do.

So, what are you going to do this Christmas to ensure you keep your sparkle?


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