About me

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Hello! I’m Abi, qualified yoga teacher, passionate life coach and owner of The Well-being Garden.  My mission is to empower people with the tools to help you discover your potential in life.  We only have one life and it’s not worth wasting!




Let’s rewind twelve years. I was living abroad, with a seemingly beautiful life under the Italian sunshine...and it was truly beautiful. But I reached a point where I felt stuck, as if I was going through each day with no purpose and I couldn’t feel the joy that was around me. I knew there was something else to life and I yearned to feel more satisfied.  These feelings culminated in severe eczema covering parts of my body and despite numerous visits to dermatologists, hundreds of pounds spent on creams, it wasn’t until I went on a yoga retreat that I understood that I had the power to change my life. And that’s just what I did. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an overnight transformation. It was a journey of self-development, filled with reading, good nutrition, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and one to one coaching. I plunged myself into self-development books, invested in a variety of coaches who I worked with in group programs and on a one to one basis. This blended approach allowed me to build my confidence and blossom into my truest self, as I went from feeling stressed to calmer, more grounded and more confident.

Going through this transformational journey was life changing for me and I knew that my mission was to share what I’d learned with others. With over fifteen years experience of helping others in the education sector, I realised that I wanted to take my love of supporting others and blend it with my other passions: yoga and meditation.  I put my heart and soul into re-training as a yoga teacher and life coach and have never looked back! I want people like you to have the means to have powerful insights, unblock those negative thoughts and step into your true power, creating a life you really love.


The Well-being Garden was born as a safe place for you to gain clarity on what your purpose is and to plant those seeds of intention, nurturing them often to see them grow into your true selves.  I understand how scary it can feel to trust your instincts, face up to those limiting beliefs and take time to work on yourself, but, having gone through the process, I know how empowering it can be.



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My story

Sow the seeds of your heart’s desires, nurture them regularly and help them bloom into their full potential.


The Well-being Garden offers weekly yoga classes in West Yorkshire and online, regular workshops in Lancashire and Yorkshire and online one to one bespoke coaching programs offering a blend of personalised yoga classes, one to one coaching, mindfulness and meditation.


When I’m not sharing my love of wellness, you can probably find me with a cup of tea at home in Yorkshire with a fleece on and multiple pairs of socks.  Or I’ll be digging up weeds, or hopefully harvesting any home grown vegetables and flowers that have survived the slugs!  Being outdoors brings me a great deal of inspiration and I believe nature can offer us so many valuable insights.  If you’re local to West Yorkshire, I’d love for you to join one of my weekly yoga classes or workshops. Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you to help start you down the path to a happier you!