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33 ways to help you thrive this springtime

Do you feel a sense of relief around winter passing and the onset of spring?

Are you itching to crawl out from under your warm blankets and embrace the warmer season?

Springtime can bring with it a sense of new beginnings and a vibrant energy to start new hobbies and projects. It can be easy to get swept up in your big plans so why not choose some tasks to help your well-being thrive too?

Keep reading for 33 ideas to help you thrive this springtime.

1. Plant seeds – anything from veg to flowers, use your window ledges if you don’t have a garden.

2. Nurture your seeds everyday

3. Take a moment in nature to enjoy birdsong

4. Eat the rainbow (not literally of course!)

5. Do a random act of kindness and make sure you don’t tell anyone you did it

6. Bake

7. Have a picnic outside

8. If you have a garden, don’t be tempted to tidy it too much! Keep any cuttings of branches out for the birds that they can use for next material

9. Walk through a field of lambs and delight in their frolicking

10. Allow the warm sunshine to recharge your energy levels

11. Meditate

12. Open your heart to new opportunities

13. Learn a new skill. Have you always wanted to be able to knit? Climb? Speak a foreign language? Enrol on that course and have a go!

14. Walk barefoot on the grass

15. Feel the childlike joy of playing on a swing

16. Get creative in your journal

17. Feel grounded in tree pose, imagining your roots ravelling down into the earth, leaving you feeling steady and stable

18. Take a walk to your nearest lake or stream, take your socks and shoes off and go for a paddle. Enjoy the cool sensations under your feet.

19. Hire a bicycle and go for a ride

20. Diffuse citrus essential oils to uplift your soul (I currently love bergamot and sweet orange)

21. Add fresh lemon or cucumber slices to your water bottle for some added freshness

22. Declutter your wardrobe

23. Donate what you no longer need

24. Find your local patch of water and watch the ducklings

25. Breathe in the sweet smell of roses

26. Open the windows in your house and let the breeze freshen your abode

27. Make a vision board for this season with your new ideas and projects

28. Buy a bunch of flowers and spend time carefully arranging them

29. Lie down outside and relax as you cloud gaze

30. Declutter your desktop

31. Get accountable with your gratitude: Share your gratitude list with a friend who does the same with you

32. Give your time to someone else: volunteer for a charity, bake a cake for a neighbour, go and visit an elderly friend.

33. On a warm evening or afternoon take your lunch or tea outside. Delight in alfresco dining!

Which ones are you going to try this season?

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