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3 expert tips to help you truly switch off on holiday

You’ve been counting down the days to your next holiday for weeks (or is it months?!) You’ve got lists of places to go, restaurants to experience and local markets you’d like to visit.

But when you arrive on that sandy beach, you find your mind full of thoughts! You start to create mental to-do lists of all the tasks you need to follow up on when you get back to the office. You find yourself thinking more and more about ‘work things’ instead of truly enjoying your time away.

Before you know it, you’re on the plane home, wishing you’d have been able to switch off more so that you’d come home feeling more replenished and relaxed.

Sound familiar?

Read on for my top 3 expert tips to help you really switch off on holiday so that you can focus on recharging your batteries.

1. Preparation is key

The last few days of work before your holiday can be frantic, finishing up any tasks and delegating to colleagues anything that can’t wait. In fact, a study found that the health and well-being of employees decreased in the two weeks before going on holiday due

to an increase in workload.

So how can you make the run up to your holiday less stressful?

In the weeks running up to your holiday, make a list of all the tasks that will need your attention when you get back to the office, from big to small. This way, you’ll close your laptop feeling organised and in control, knowing that you have everything written down to come back to on your return.

2. Get rid of any distractions

You don’t want to be sipping a piñ

a colada when you hear the familiar ‘ping’ of a work email going off.

It has been shown that taking time off from emails decreases stress levels and increases productivity.

So, before you leave, delete your work emails from your phone or put on your out of office. It’s time for holiday and that doesn’t include work!

3. Take some time for you

Whether you’re going away alone, or with friends and family, before you leave, take a few moments to think how you’d like to spend some of your time away. What would be really nourishing for you?

Perhaps you love to read, but never have the time at home? Grab yourself the latest Sophie Kinsella novel, pack it in your hand luggage and enjoy some reading time with your favourite morning coffee whilst on holiday.

Maybe you love to go outdoor swimming but rarely find yourself wading into water at home? Take your swimming cozzie and have a quick Google search of any swimming spots near to where you’re staying.

Taking some time to do these three steps before your departure will leave you feeling more organised, less stressed and more nourished, so what are you waiting for?

If you’re struggling to find work-life balance, get in touch about my career coaching programs, designed to help you fine more joy both in your career and your free time. Email for more info.


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