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As a passionate life coach, wellness advocate and qualified yoga teacher,  I offer holistic coaching services to help people just like you to:

  • feel more connected to your heart’s desires through meditation and visualisation practices

  • work out what you truly want from your life or career, supporting you to take the steps to get you there

  • set up self-care routines to ensure that you feel grounded and balanced

  • find your true purpose so that you spend your days feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your life

  • pinpoint what’s been getting in the way so far and take action to reframe these thoughts

  • wake up each morning with a clear purpose, trusting your inner compass and the path that you have created to follow

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Holistic Life Coaching


Do you feel stuck, lost or unfulfilled with your life?

Are you unsure of what it is that you want from this precious life?

Do you lack the clarity and confidence to turn your dreams into reality?



Teacher &
Professional Photographer

Abi was a fantastic support to me as I went through this journey of discovering what I wanted and could do with my career.


She made me open up and talk about all all the barriers I never knew I had and how to overcome them, but also and more importantly she made me feel proud of myself and my work, encouraging and celebrating my progress each week.


I feel that this process has given me a really good starting point to be confident and push myself forward even more.


Trust Director of Maths &
Teaching for Mastery Secondary Specialist

Abi made me feel so at ease during our sessions, which I feel is really important in coaching.


She listened carefully and asked the right questions of my responses to help me recognise my recurring behaviours.


She helped me set achievable aims each week, but also that challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. I have come away from our sessions with some strategies that I can use in my everyday life when challenges arise.


I would definitely recommend coaching with Abi! 


NHS Consultant,
Writer & Life Coach

I would highly recommend Abi as a coach.


She encouraged me to set a clear intention of what I wanted to achieve and then supported me to identify how to get there. We agreed a series of steps that helped me feel comfortable and I was surprised how quickly I was able to achieve.


I also learned a lot about myself during the process - Including some of the things I had been doing to hold myself back. Having this awareness now, I will recognise this when it comes up and know that I don't need to be held back with self-limiting beliefs.

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